Trendwatcher Hans Steenbergen:
‘We can expect some dramatic changes in our food system’

Cultured meat, synthetic milk, and the impact of millennials on our food system. If anyone knows about new developments in the food sector, it’s Hans Steenbergen. Steenbergen is trendwatcher, journalist and co-founder of Food Inspiration, the international magazine for food professionals.

In this first publication in a series of trends about agrofood and cold chain logistics, Steenbergen will be acting as our guide to the most exciting developments in the industry. ‘Our food system has to change; we need to take a new course. Two key trends will be defining our future: small-scale and sustainable on the one hand; and ground-breaking technology on the other.’

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  • Cultured meat and synthetic milk
  • Food as medicine
  • How the mindset of millennials will be a serious game-changer in the long run
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