Trend paper: 'A delicate balancing act'

Gerard Harleman (Bakker Barendrecht) and Reinder Zuidhof (HANOS Netherlands) share their vision on the agrofood supply chain

In a previous white paper, agrofood experts of Wageningen University & Research set out their vision on the agrofood supply chain and shared their ideas how we can work together towards a futureproof sustainable chain.

In this trend paper we focus on foodservice and retail. What drives success here? We asked Gerard Harleman, Strategic Sourcing Expert at Bakker Barendrecht, and Reinder Zuidhof, Logistics Director at HANOS Netherlands to share their vision on customer centricity, sourcing, sustainability and more.

This article is the third publication in a series of interviews, in which we look at key trends in today’s agrofood sector and the supply chain with a number of experts – both in premium articles and in videos.

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